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TestPipe is an Automated Test Framework written with C#. The primary focus of the framework is to provide a maintainable means of creating test for HTTP web applications and services. You can view more info about the idea behind test pipe on the Concepts page in the wiki.

Current Version

The current version of TestPipe is 1.0.0. It isn't indicated in the version number, but this is a preview. It hasn't been fully tested against a production application, so use at your own risk.


TestPipe source code is hosted at https://github.com/DecoupledLogic/TestPipe.

TestPipe binaries are hosted on Nuget.org. The packages are versioned individually and may differ from the TestPipe Framework version.

These are the TestPipe packages hosted on NuGet:

We also host some of the individual parts on NuGet, but they are not visible in NuGet search and are not meant to be used outside of experimentation. If you find them or are using them, it is recommended that you use the packages above or download the source code.


To install TestPipe you can install the NuGet packages or download the source code and build and reference the binaries. See Getting Started for more information.


You can see the Demo projects for an example of how to use TestPipe. Further information on usage can be found in the documentation - https://github.com/DecoupledLogic/TestPipe/wiki.


You can find documentation on the TestPipe wiki - https://github.com/DecoupledLogic/TestPipe/wiki.


If you are interested in contributing, use your GitHub account to fork the main repository, https://github.com/DecoupledLogic/TestPipe, make your changes and submit a pull request (http://help.github.com/pull-requests/). Additional information can be found in the Contributing page on the wiki.


If you have any questions, requests, comments, or criticisms, submit a ticket on the TestPipe issue tracker - https://github.com/DecoupledLogic/TestPipe/issues.


TestPipe is released under GPL v3 and the license can be found in the file named license - https://github.com/DecoupledLogic/TestPipe/blob/master/license and on the License page of the wiki.


Copyright © 2014 Charles Bryant